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When was the last time you heard musicians creating music for a noble cause and supporting the society  
Blue5 Music productions, a team of passionate musicians embarked on this journey of creating music and producing albums, performing live music not just for entertainment, but also taking up a social responsibility of helping the poor and the needy.

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Current Event
Shirdi Sai Geetham - Releasing August 13th 2016 
A Fundraiser for Sri Shirdi Saibaba Mandir of North Carolina, Cary, NC - USA
Live Music

Not Just music albums, we as a band perform live music shows, karaokes, DJs, and event management - For a cause
Our first two musical albums were launched in 2007 & 2010 respectively. Read the Journey page for more details
"ARUWE" - 2007
"SWAASAM" - 2010
Since 2006
In the year 2006, when 5 IT Professionals - Aarthi, Benjamin, Magesh, Nivethitha, Sasidharan grouped together in Chennai, India and were chatting during a snack break, they discovered the passion that each one of them were carrying for music. They wanted to do something in Music, but wanted to be creative, out of the box and more importantly decided to create music for a cause.

The idea of this Music for a Social Cause, became their vision and from then on it became history, when they started spending their efforts to make musical albums and release it for a social cause. The team added further expertise by adding Ramshanker, Subhashini and Narayanan over the years. Though the founders of the band are spread across different continents, they all are united by their vision of "Music for a Social cause", as they celebrate their 10th year of forming  "Blue5 Music Productions"
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